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Jeff Lewin


I’m Dr. Jeff Lewin and I have been a professional business coach and consultant for over 25 years.

Consult Encompass, Partner

Dr. Jeff Lewin

Do you know what the real challenges facing your business are today?

Can you describe your ideal client and target market?

How do you stay motivated and focused on achieving your goals?

Do you have a “done date” or know how to make an exit strategy for yourself?

I’m Dr. Jeff Lewin and I have been a professional business coach and consultant for over 25 years.

The above questions are some of the more common questions I engage with my clients about. I fully understand that no two businesses are alike and therefore no two business owners are alike. My goal is to gain an in-depth understanding of the issues surrounding your business and help craft a customized solution that matches your particular goals.

Consult Encompass is about more than giving advice. We understand that your business is not just about increasing profitability. It is driven by WHY you want to achieve more with your business. Sometimes this motivation is to help provide for your family today. Others are looking for ways to plan
for their financial future. Whatever your goals, Consult Encompass is here to be your partner in your success with customized options.

At Consult Encompass we are about helping business owners work ON their business and not merely IN their business and helping you identify and remain focused on YOUR GOALS. Having a business coach helps ensure you keep your eyes on the bigger goals with a strategy that is geared toward making your goals a reality. Find out more about Consult Encompass by visiting us at www.consultencompass.com To schedule a no-obligation complimentary coaching call, feel free to contact us at: Jlewin@trustencompass.com or calling me directly at 954-205-3479 We look forward to helping you create the lifestyle you deserve!
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