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Our goal is to partner up with
Professionals and assist them with offering up Value-Adds to their clients.


We offer up Business solutions for your clients that will get them focused on THEIR business. 

Once focused on their business, they will make more money. You can show them what to do with that money.


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The answer is yes. One of our divisions does what you do. But we will sign a non-compete and non-disclosure agreement that would prevent us from doing any financial business with your client.

As stated before, business owners are excellent at what they do. They are terrible businesspeople. With our consulting and meta divisions, we introduce strategies that that get them focused on being better BUSINESS people. Once focused on that, they will make more money. Making more money allows you to do what you do and assisting them with where to put that money.

We offer an Affiliate Partnership Agreement that pays you for any successful referral. You’d be viewed by YOUR client that you have more to offer than just ‘selling them something’. You come from the perspective that you are offering up solutions that would help them.

NO. We are indifferent if your client wants to do business with us or not. We have proven business solutions that work. Period. If your client doesn’t want to do any business with us after they hear about what we have to offer, then we part company as friends.

Yes. We will provide you with summaries of topics that are
discussed, which lead to opportunities to have conversations with YOUR clients. You are kept in the loop as much as you want.

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