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The Encompass Group of companies stands out as a premier Performance Enhancement Group (buy and sell-side advising), nationwide. Our commitment lies in educating business owners and affluent individuals on the essential elements for achieving success in business and financial endeavors. Through our guidance and educational initiatives, Individuals can attain their ultimate goals.

Comprehensive solutions when it comes to building your business, raising capital, attracting partners, performing due diligence, exiting your business or retirement. Use our knowledge to improve your decisions.


Business plans are commonly formulated just once, typically during the initial phase of business establishment. Entrepreneurs, with myriad of thoughts and considerations, often find themselves deviating from their original business trajectory.

A well thought out plan enables a smooth and effective exit from your business. Among the four available exit strategies, careful planning is essential for all except one. The primary goal of a comprehensive plan is to optimize and capitalize on the considerable hard work, sacrifices, and effort invested in building your organization.

Traditional Retirement Accumulation vehicles (Qualified Retirement Accounts) put you in harms way of paying taxes for the rest of your life. Accountant and Tax advisors all tell you how to “avoid” paying taxes when the reality of it is you are only POSTPONING paying taxes.

There are ways to improve business and increase revenue. That takes an evaluation of how you are currently operating. Running a business day to day and handling the ins and outs of the daily operation very often doesnt allow for a non-objective perspective.
Irrespective of your industry or client base, your proficiency in your business is evident through its size, staff, clientele, and revenue. Your competence is reflected in the successful day-to-day operation of your organization, maintaining focus on the core aspects of running the business.

Encompass Group offers up a digital publication that is 100% dedicated to all aspects of business. It’s called PROFIT: The Pursuit of Business. PROFIT offers up objective business topics that are educational to all that read it. There is NO politics. There is NO opinion. It is totally 100% fact based.

Private Equity firms focus on value creation. This entails implementing operational enhancements, strategic repositioning, and financial restructuring to boost a company’s performance and increase its overall value. Exit strategies are a crucial aspect of Private Equity investments, typically occurring within 4 to 7 years.
An entrepreneurial mindset leads to “good ideas” on a consistent basis. Those ‘good ideas’ lead to a desire to expand your current business model. The expansion of your business requires just as much work as going into business. Business Plans and Plans of Work need to be designed, well thought out and ‘challenged’. That allows for a well designed pathway for success.

Whether new and exciting solutions like A.I. or evolving main stays, Encompass Group provides step by step guidance and expertise on how developing and established business must align technological opportunity that are in line with business objective.

Dedicated to the pursuit of business

Unwavering Commitment to Strategy, Financial Strength, Integrity, Client Growth, and Philanthropy for Those Who View Business as an Extraordinary Pursuit.

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