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Traditional Retirement Accumulation vehicles (Qualified Retirement Accounts) put you in harms way of paying taxes for the rest of your life. Accountant and Tax advisors all tell you how to “avoid” paying taxes when the reality of it is you are only POSTPONING paying taxes. In today’s world, with Washington DC spending money exponentially more than what they ACTUALLY have, do you believe that taxes will go up, down or stay the same? (I believe, go up. WAY UP!).

There is a financial strategy that allows you to retire on someone else’s money and not have to pay taxes during retirement. It is the ultimate use of collateral. The wealthy have been using this strategy for years and (chances are) you have never heard of it. It allows an individual to SPEND more than they actually have to accumulate. Accumulate less than they actually think they have to. Minimize fees charged due to money management. Maximize legacy and generational wealth. All these strategies utilize the tax code. It’s 100% legal. The IRS and government know about these strategies (and actually made it better).

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