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Kristin P. Kasabucki

Kristin P. Kasabucki

Partner, Consult Encompass LLC, Business Development

Partner, Consult Encompass LLC, Business Development

Kristin P. Kasabucki

Caught up in a cycle relying on members’ dues to accomplish you mission and goals? Dues going towards retaining members, providing continuing education programs, public education, legislative efforts, staffing and technology support?

Continuing to expand your demographics to ensure longevity, but have found that the old ways of attracting new members is becoming less effective.  What is the next added value you can offer to keep members engaged in your organization?

I am Kristin Kasabucki and I have been in the healthcare, education, and the non-profit organization world, for over 42 years.  It has amazed me how professionals are so good at their profession, however never had an ounce of education on how to run a business.  About 1% of those who are really successful, choose to add to their education beyond their professional trade to learn how to run their business.   

Most business owners focus on doing what it takes to operate their business, day to day. They are working IN their business. While working IN their business they don’t focus on working ON their business. Many don’t even realize they are doing that. 

We believe that when a business owner works ON their business, that enables them to maximize and capture their best financial position.  Encompass Group and its divisions can assist you not only as an organization to add value to membership, it can work with your members in navigating solutions to get them to their best financial position efficiently and effectively.

Find out more about who we are by visiting www.consultencompass.com 

To schedule a call to learn more please feel free to contact me at: kkasabucki@trustencompass.com or call me directly at 860-490-7982.

We look forward to helping you maintain and grow your membership in assisting your members to be stronger, successful business owners.

Challenge: In the current environment, membership organizations dues are not at the top of a members have to do list.  When it comes to members looking at their personal or business budgets, membership organizations are one of the first to be cut, unless you are fortunate to have it mandated by your state practice act.  Why? No perceived value for the amount the pay annually.

Solution: Step out of the box and give them what no one else has or is giving them – Business Education.  Many professionals went to school to learn their trade – be it practice owners, attorneys, accountants, etc.  How many of those schools taught these professionals to be a business owner – even the basics of running a business?

Challenge:  Many of your members are in their senior cycle of their career and often times are looking at retirement 2 to 3 months before they want out not knowing what it will take to close up shop successfully keeping what they have worked so hard to earn over the years.

Solution: Offer education to your members early so that they can have a plan in place not only for a planned retirement, but in most cases for an unplanned exit?

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