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Patrick Dowling

About Patrick Dowling

Encompass Group is a single resource for individuals seeking to learn strategies that are not new, but also not commonly discussed or implemented. We put the tax code to work and rely on it as an open-book resource that can and will enlighten you to what the very affluent individuals in our country do every day to maximize their financial standing.

Most business-owners, management and partners focus on doing what it takes to operate their business day-to-day. Many are working IN their business, rather than ON their business.

One may not realize the important distinction between the two. When a business-owner works ON their business, they are then able to maximize their best financial position and capture the financial freedom of achieving their goals..

We do this by sharing strategies that are enlightening.  The changes that follow put them to work ON their business.  Once those adjustments are in place, the individual is able to run things more efficiently, operating more smoothly and reaping the financial reward of their sacrifices.

We focus on YOU.  The strategies we share are for you.  We are here to educate.  Your financial future has nothing to do with US, it is solely yours.  We will share with you the consequences of the decisions that have been made (and may continue to be made) so that YOU make the changes that will better your business and thus, better your life

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